We Are All Storytellers: Discovering the Power of Knowing and Sharing Your Story

Presentation Description: 
“Facts lead to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom.” – Dr. Rachel Remen

Many childhood cancer survivors may not realize that they are living an amazing story or know how to begin telling it. This fun and interactive session drew on Mike Lang’s and Raymund Ong’s own personal experiences, as well as short digital stories and murals created by other cancer survivors, to explore the idea of storytelling as it relates to cancer and our lives in general. The goal of the session was to empower and inspire survivors to tell their stories so that the wisdom they have gained from their painful (and incredible) life journey can be shared with others who need it.

Telling Their Story: Video from the 2015 Survivor Conference
Five attendees of the 2015 Ooch/POGO Survivor Conference shared their perspectives on survivorship; the challenges and obstacles they faced, the effect their diagnoses had on their lives and how they’ve found hope, inspiration and fulfilment. These individuals shared their stories in the hopes that they will resonate with other childhood cancer survivors, who in turn may choose to tell their own.

Video Credit: Michael Lang, Survive & Thrive Expeditions Ltd.

Michael Lang, MSc
Executive Director, Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs
Specialist, Person Centred Care Integration, AHS CancerControl
Research Assistant, University of Calgary

Raymund Ong
Founder, C4 Murals

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