The 2021 Survivor to Survivor Network Workshop Series is Coming Soon!

The S2S facilitators are being matched with topic experts from the community and are starting to build their workshops.  Here’s what you have to look forward to.

Anuraj’s workshop will be about coping with cognitive effects of childhood cancer treatment. He’ll talk about day-to-day challenges; school, work, and life impacts, strategies to manage cognitive impacts, and how to find support if you need it.

Harman is going to teach other survivors about how meditation and mindfulness can be used to influence behaviour. Some of his topics will be: the mind/body connection, being mindful of how we talk to ourselves, how to start meditating and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Sara’s workshop is called, “Will They Understand? The Personal Disclosure Dilemma at School and Work.” She’ll discuss when, how much and what personal health information to disclose; why it’s important; the pros and cons of disclosure; who to talk to for support and information; and your legal rights.

If you’re considering college as your academic path, Emelia will teach you how to get on it and what to expect, including: classroom accommodations/accessibility services, programs for people with disabilities or high school certificates, ways to pay for college, different pathways to college, and living at home or in residence.

All workshops will be hosted virtually.  Information about the workshop dates and how to register will be coming soon.

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