Successful Employment Through Targeted Hiring: A Survivor Experience

What is Targeted Hiring?
Targeted hiring is a type of initiative used by public and private organizations to address employment barriers and help with the under-representation of designated groups to achieve equal employment opportunities. This is accomplished by narrowing the pool of candidates to specific categories of candidates, such as individuals with disabilities. 

Q & A With a POGO School and Work Transitions Client 
Q: What can you tell me about your recent interview where you were successful in being hired? 

Client: I interviewed over the phone, which was nice as travelling can be difficult for me due to my disability. The questions were pretty much what I prepared for because my counsellor and I went through common interview questions and practiced them together over Zoom. We also discussed scenarios and did some mock interview style discussion. Because of this, I was able to answer the real interview questions with confidence. 

Plus, the interviewers were very informative about what to expect on an average day.  

Q: How is your employer being accommodating to you as a person with a disability in the workplace? 

Client: The general attitude of my workplace is genuinely team-oriented! I was asked if I needed a chair, and from day one, I have been greatly encouraged to ask for help. There’s even mental health support, which is quite a relief. 

Q: Was your POGO Counsellor a resource in this process? If so, how did they help? 

Client: My counsellor was very helpful during the whole process. Finding this job and ensuring my resume was in good shape, practicing for the interview, and ensuring I got placed at a store location I preferred is honestly going above and beyond. 

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