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With the rising cost of living, the thought of paying for post-secondary tuition can feel overwhelming. The additional expenses of textbooks, transportation, equipment, meal plans, etc., add more causes for anxiety. To support the cost of post-secondary education, various scholarships and bursaries are available. Resources specifically for cancer and brain tumour survivors are also available. Let’s explore the options below!

Post-Secondary Education Scholarships and Bursaries
Scholarships and bursaries are available based on academic performance, athletic excellence, community involvement, and financial and life circumstances. Some are made available to specific groups such as cultural communities, clubs, high schools, etc. They do not require repayment.

Your POGO Transitions Counsellor, post-secondary financial aid offices or your high school guidance counsellor are great resources to consult when applying.

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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides government funding for student loans and grants. A grant is money you don’t have to pay back, while a loan is money you start repaying after school completion. Both are provided by the provincial and/or federal government and are based on your financial situation.

Regarding OSAP, you may need to start paying back your loan six months after your study period ends. Refer to the OSAP Aid Estimator below to determine your loan eligibility. Even if you only qualify for a small loan, this can lead to other scholarship and bursaries within the program, so it’s worth applying for.

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OSAP website:

OSAP Aid Estimator:

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2023 Scholarships for Childhood Cancer and Brain Tumour Survivors

Most of these scholarships require a medical letter from your hospital confirming your diagnosis. You can usually get this through your POGO AfterCare Clinic. Let your POGO Transitions Counsellor know if you need help getting this letter.


Childhood Cancer Canada Survivor Scholarship$1500
TEVA $5000
Undergraduates apply for $1500 
TEVA $5000 is for graduate students in health sciences programs
March 1April 30
Brain Tumour Education AwardUp to $5000You were diagnosed with a brain tumour before age 25 and are currently between 16 and 30 years of ageSpring 2023TBD
Emmy Duff Scholarship Foundation$2000You are a very active volunteerOctober 2022May 27, 2023
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award$7000 each year for up to 4 yearsYou are beginning to study or already studying toward your first undergraduate degree or diploma; you have made a significant positive impact on your communityNovember 1December 1
The Lorna Rosenstein Youth Volunteer Leadership Award$1500 awarded directly to the recipientYou are between 14 and 24 years old, impacted by cancer and have shown volunteer leadership in the communityApril 2023May 18, 2023


$1000You reside within certain boundaries around the London areaAprilTBD
Sandra Allen Memorial Education Award
(Hamilton – McMaster Children’s Hospital)
$2500You are from a Help A Child Smile registered family, are being or have been treated for cancer (or are a sibling of a patient) at McMaster Children’s Hospital and you demonstrate community leadership; You are
under the age of 30
Spring 2023TBD
Shine Bright Bursary
(Northern Ontario)
$1000You are a resident of Northern Ontario (north of Parry Sound) and are a childhood cancer survivor or survivor’s siblingTBDTBD
Leucan (Quebec patients)$1000 – $2000You are a Leucan child member, have been diagnosed with childhood cancer and are enrolled in Secondary IV, V, or a post-secondary study program, or in a special education programTBDTBD
Xerox/POGO Transitions Scholarship at George Brown College$1500
*Please contact your POGO Transitions Counsellor for more information
You are a POGO Transitions client and a current student at George Brown CollegeVariesVaries

Written by Sharon D’Souza
POGO Counsellor Toronto

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