Culturally Competent Healthcare Focus of New Pediatric Oncology Course

POGO works to provide the best care possible for all of Ontario’s children with cancer, in part, by identifying gaps in childhood cancer care. In recent years, a POGO priority has been to focus efforts on enhancing culturally relevant care for First Nations, Inuit and Métis (FNIM) children, as FNIM families often face barriers to culturally appropriate healthcare.

POGO’s focus has been on building relationships, identifying current opportunities to improve the care of FNIM children with cancer as well as opportunities that might result in a more efficient system, and assembling the expertise needed to assess the issues, gaps and advances anticipated.

In 2017, POGO collaborated with Cancer Care Ontario to launch Pediatric Oncology, a new course in the recently refreshed series of Aboriginal Relationship and Cultural Competency (ARCC) courses offered by Cancer Care Ontario. ARCC courses stress the importance for frontline healthcare professionals to understand and apply FNIM cultural safety to provide effective person-centred care.

POGO and Cancer Care Ontario know that cultural safety is a critical component for improving patient experiences and outcomes. Through video and text, the Pediatric Oncology course examines the differences between childhood and adult cancer, one family’s experience of the journey for FNIM children with cancer, and the role POGO plays in helping to navigate this journey with a unique whole-life approach to childhood cancer care told from the frontline experience of a POGO Interlink Community Cancer Nurse.

The 13 ARCC courses are ideal for healthcare providers, those working with FNIM people, and anyone who wants to better understand FNIM history and culture. The courses are interactive, free of change and open to anyone. Each course in the Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for Mainpro+ credits.

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