Creative Corner with Ramjot


When I first started creating this sculpture, it was an absolute mess. The structure and stability of the tree were a challenge to figure out but slowly it all started coming together. It was like putting the pieces together in a puzzle. I didn’t fully understand why I created a tree until I started sculpting every little curve or indent, gluing on the leaves and adding the finishing touches. The  tree symbolized my growth. Just like me, the tree encountered many obstacles when it was being sculpted. It took hours, days, weeks to finish and at some point, I felt like giving up on it. The tree expressed me. It started wonky but the more time and effort I dedicated to it, the stronger it got. Similarly, when I was recovering from my cancer treatment, it was hard to fit in with my peers at school and integrate into my new reality. But as the years went on and I got out of my comfort zone, I grew to be the best version of myself. My piece, Growth, shows the journey of my life and how I’ve grown into the person I am today.

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