Childhood Cancer Survivors Share How Oncology Professionals Helped Shape Their Lives

POGO recruited five individuals whose lives have been impacted by a childhood cancer diagnosis and are now working in the field of pediatric oncology in different capacities, to work with Mike Lang, an expert in digital storytelling facilitation. Digital storytelling guides participants to use personal images and videos, voiceover narration, music, and various video-editing techniques to bring the meaningful moments of their life to the screen.

These stories, which premiered at the 2023 POGO Symposium, shed light on how the experience of having cancer as a young person, and the interactions with oncology professionals along the way, can shape a person’s life profoundly. It is POGO’s hope that everyone who engages with these stories will learn something new about the childhood cancer experience, by seeing it through the eyes of survivors.

Alexx’s Story

Alexx was diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia as a child.

Today, she is a child life specialist, using her firsthand experience as a childhood cancer survivor to advocate for children, youth, fellow survivors and their families with various diagnoses.

Lindsay’s Story

Lindsay was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma as a child.

Today, she is a pediatric oncology nurse, drawing from her personal journey as a childhood cancer survivor to care for children and youth with cancer.

Noor’s Story

Noor had the misfortune of navigating both a cancer diagnosis and virtual school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the oncology professionals who cared for her during treatment, she is now studying to become a nurse at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Eugene’s Story

Dr. Eugene Chang was a young medical student when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. His experiences as a patient helped him identify a gap in the system, which he has sought to fill since becoming Canada’s first physiatrist specializing in rehabilitation for cancer patients.

Kirsten’s Story

Kirsten is a two-time childhood cancer survivor and a young adult cancer survivor.

A strong advocate for childhood cancer and young adult cancer survivors, she now works as POGO’s Program Assistant, supporting survivorship, psychosocial and strategic initiatives.

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