Workshop D – In Their Own Words: Reflections from Lymphoma Survivors

Presentation Description:
A conference on pediatric lymphomas wouldn’t be complete without a session to explore the unique experiences of patients and survivors. This interactive workshop enabled participants to hear directly from two lymphoma survivors who graciously agreed to tell their stories. What is it truly like to be on the other side of a lymphoma diagnosis? How are these two former patients doing today and if there is anything they could change about the care they received, what would it be? Attendees participated in a candid discussion and came away with valuable insights about how care can be improved for tomorrow’s patient.


Diana M. Merino, MSc, PhD candidate
Genetics and Genome Biology Program
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Michael Rosenberg, CAP, CA, CFE, MAcc, BAFM

Jane Cassano, MSW, RSW
Pediatric Oncology Social Worker
McMaster Children’s Hospital, Hamilton

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