The Complex Nature of Neuroblastoma in Infancy-Symp2017


Presentation Description:
This session will cover unique aspects regarding the presentation and assessment of neuroblastoma in infants. Key features of the natural history of neuroblastoma in infants will be highlighted, as will molecular features of tumours occurring in our youngest patients. Issues pertaining to drug dosing and supportive care for infants with neuroblastoma will also be discussed. In addition, outcomes for infants with neuroblastoma will be compared and contrasted with outcomes in other patient groups.

Rochelle Bagatell, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Solid Tumor Section Chief, Division of Oncology
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Bagatell is a pediatric oncologist with an interest in extracranial solid tumours. She is the solid tumor section chief at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she leads a multi-disciplinary team committed to improving outcomes for children with high-risk solid tumours. In addition, she leads clinical research efforts designed to critically evaluate current therapies for children with high-risk and relapsed neuroblastoma, and is committed to conducting studies of new therapies for this population. She is the vice chair of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Neuroblastoma Disease Committee, and is chair of the upcoming COG Phase 3 trial for children with newly diagnosed high-risk disease.

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