Stopping Cancer Cell Evasion with Immune Therapies


Presentation Description:
How can the immune system be modified and engaged to target cancer cells? This is a priority of basic science research and all phases of clinical trials with the goal of improving survival for the most challenging to cure pediatric cancers. Caring for patients receiving new immunotherapies and their families requires new knowledge of how immunotherapies work, and based on this mechanism what and when unique side effects might be expected. This brief quick hit session will describe why immunotherapies might work against pediatric cancer cells with case examples highlighting new agents in current clinical trials.

Sue Zupanec
, MN, NP Pediatrics
Nurse Practitioner, Leukemia & Lymphoma
The Hospital for Sick Children

Sue Zupanec is a Nurse Practitioner in the Hematology/Oncology Program at the Hospital for Sick Children. In her clinical practice Sue provides care to children and teens with a diagnoses of Leukemia or Lymphoma and their families.

Sue currently serves as the Education Sub Committee Chair on the Nursing Steering Committee for the Children’s Oncology Group and is an executive committee member for the Garron Family Cancer Center.


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