Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Lower Limb Sarcomas in Children and Youth

Presentation Description:  Prosthetic technologies play a key role in the rehabilitation of children and youth with lower-limb amputations.  Upon the appropriation of surgical, prosthetic, or physical therapy-based interventions, it is the functional symbiosis of the biological (human) and artificial (prosthetic) systems that facilitates mobility and ultimately a successful rehabilitative outcome. This presentation focused on the state of, and advances in, prosthetic technologies for children with lower-limb loss.  It covered the prosthetic options that are available and important biomechanical and functional considerations for fitting prostheses.  Recent advances in pediatric prosthetic technologies, prosthetic fitting techniques and physical therapy were also discussed.


Jan Andrysek, PhD, PEng, MASc, BSc
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Scientist, Bloorview Kids Rehab, Toronto, ON

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