Measuring, Managing and Mitigating Cancer and Treatment Pain in Infants


Anna Taddio
, PhD
Full Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Senior Associate Scientist
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

Anna Taddio is a professor of pharmacy at the University of Toronto, and senior associate scientist at SickKids. Her program of research examines: (1) the short‐term and long‐term effects of pain in children; (2) the effectiveness and safety of pain management interventions; and (3) evidence‐based practice and implementation research. Dr. Taddio currently leads a national inter‐disciplinary team, Help Eliminate Pain in Kids and Adults (HELPinKids&Adults), investigating and promoting evidence based pain management during vaccination. She has authored over 200 scientific papers and book chapters, and is the recipient of numerous awards recognizing her scholarly and advocacy achievements in pediatric pain.

Jason Thomas Maynes, PhD, MD
Wasser Chair in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
Associate Chief of Perioperative Services, Research
Director of Research, Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
Scientist, Division of Molecular Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

Jason Maynes, PhD, MD, is the associate chief of perioperative services (research), director of research for anesthesia and pain medicine, and an anesthesiologist at The Hospital for Sick Children. He is the holder of the Wasser Chair in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. He has a doctorate in biophysics and completed clinical training at the University of Alberta, Stanford University, and Washington University in St. Louis, moving to Toronto in 2012. His research primarily involves finding new ways to quantify drug action, both therapeutic and toxic, including how to improve the clinical effect of anesthetics and pain medications. His lab has developed new therapies for heart failure, modelling cardiac function using stem‐cell derived tissue, and has created platform technologies that measure cardiomyocyte function for the purposes of drug discovery. He holds patents and intellectual property around new therapies for heart failure, novel methods for quantifying cardiomyocyte function and for anti‐viral small molecule therapies. He is currently funded by the CIHR, NSERC, Canada Foundation for Innovation, The Ontario Research Fund, and The Labatt Family Heart Centre, in addition to being funded by pharmaceutical and venture capital groups.

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