Dr. Paul Rogers: The Role of Nutrition in Childhood Cancer

Dr. Paul Rogers explains that malnourishment can in fact result from receiving very high dose chemotherapy, and, as a consequence, medical teams need to be more proactive in supporting children’s dietary needs. He suggests that weight, though it’s the most common measure, isn’t a sufficient indicator on its own. Dr. Rogers points out that while nutritional supports can diminish the effects of chemotherapy and help a child maintain their health while in treatment, he is clear that research is still needed to determine the overall impact on disease.

Dr. Paul Rogers is a pediatric oncologist at BC Children’s Hospital and Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia. He presented “The Role of Nutrition in Pediatric Oncology” at the 2013 POGO Symposium on Childhood Cancer, an annual education event to help health care professionals remain up-to-date in the rapidly advancing field of pediatric oncology.

Straight Talk about Childhood Cancer is POGO’s new series of video shorts featuring the insights of experts whose leading-edge work impacts the care, treatment and quality of life of childhood cancer patients, survivors and their families.

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