CWA Foundation Provides Scholarships to Childhood Cancer Survivors

The Canadian Welding Association (CWA) Foundation has partnered with POGO to provide funding for seven aspiring welding professionals. The $2,500 scholarships will be available to childhood cancer survivors, and their immediate family members, who are currently enrolled in a welding program at a participating Ontario college*.

Treatment for some childhood cancers can last up to three years. Kids are absent from school for a significant period of time, parents quit their jobs or put their careers on hold, siblings’ lives are disrupted. The intent is to provide the opportunity to Ontario families impacted by childhood cancer to pursue a post-secondary education in the welding field.

“These scholarships will open new doors for our survivor population and increase their ability to achieve personal and financial independence,” says Dr. Mark Greenberg, Senior Adviser, Policy & Clinical Affairs for POGO. “What many people don’t know is that the impacts of childhood cancer don’t end when your child is cancer-free. As many as 60% of survivors will face long-term complications as a result of their disease or the treatment that saved them. Treatments that affect the brain during the critical developmental years, along with the amount of school many kids must miss, can have a profound effect on the learning and employment attainments of young survivors. POGO counsellors work one-on-one with childhood cancer survivors to help them set attainable career goals, develop a plan and seek out appropriate opportunities that will help them achieve success. It is our pleasure to embark on this new partnership with the CWA Foundation.”

“It’s a true pleasure to help support POGO in providing funding to students who have experienced childhood cancer to pursue their dreams of getting into the welding profession and truly succeeding,” said Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWA Foundation. “This partnership is unique and I’m looking forward to hearing the success stories. The Foundation is here for partnerships like this and further reiterates our commitment to the Canadian welding profession.”

For more information about how to access the scholarship, please contact Andres Escobar at

*Participating Ontario colleges include:


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