Cutting the Roots: Can we Cure Sarcomas by Understanding Stem Cells?

Presentation Description:  A small portion of stem cells in a given tissue give rise to all of the cells that make up that tissue, and help regenerate and maintain the tissue over its lifespan.  Cells with these characteristics have been identified in a variety of tumor types and are called tumor initiating cells (TIC).  A subpopulation of cells with TIC characteristics have been identified in a number of sarcomas, along with some novel characteristics within this TIC population.  Some of these characteristics can be exploited using novel chemotherapeutic approaches.  At the time of the presentation, these approaches were being tested in mouse models of sarcomas.


Benjamin Alman, MD, FRCSC
Head, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Senior Scientist, Program in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

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