Celebrating our Young Volunteers

In 2017, three siblings from Aurora, Ontario, organized “PJs and Pancakes in the Park”—their first event to raise money in support of children with cancer. Kate (then 16), Meghan (then 15) and Jack Beswick (then 14) cooked and served pancakes to over 500 community members, friends and family. In partnership with sponsors, they raised over $27,000 at that one massive breakfast.

Since that first foray into raising money for POGO and the families we serve, the Beswick siblings have held three “PJs and Pancakes at Home” fundraisers—bringing pancake breakfast boxes into the homes of their community members, as well as families in treatment at POGO Satellite Clinics across Ontario. Most recently, the young trio launched “Sunday Best”—an afternoon of the best of Toronto’s food, fashion and friends. A three-course brunch catered by renowned chef Mark McEwan and the McEwan Group served over 300 guests in attendance. Entertainment featured live music and a showcase of Toronto’s up and coming fashion designers Ellie Mae Studios, Michel’s Bespoke Atelier, Tara Rivas and more!

The Beskwick siblings volunteered through the years to support and raise money for everyone affected by childhood cancer.

“For our whole lives, being involved in our community and giving back has been a very important part of our family. Growing up we were fortunate enough to spend most weekend mornings sharing warm, fun-filled and slightly chaotic breakfasts in our PJs. However, the idea that so many families with a child battling cancer did not have the same experiences, and that instead, their PJs meant illness and treatment, resonated deeply for the three of us at a very young age. Since 2017, we’ve created these initiatives as a way to celebrate, support and share the incredible work POGO does. The work that has been so important to the three of us and our family since those early mornings spent at the breakfast table. The three of us are exceptionally honoured and proud to be able to support local families with a child battling cancer, alongside POGO.”
Kate, Meghan and Jack Beswick

To date, the Beswicks have raised over $300,000 in support of children, youth and survivors of childhood cancer, and their families. We admire their commitment to being champions of childhood cancer care. On behalf of all of the families we serve, THANK YOU!

Events in support of POGO are an exciting way to turn your passion into impact for kids with cancer and their families. Your enthusiastic commitment combined with creative and administrative support from POGO can make a real difference in childhood cancer care. Got an idea for an event in support of childhood cancer care? Contact

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