An Overview of Exercise Based Neuro-Rehabilitation in Brain Tumor Survivors

Presentation Description: Brain tumors are the leading cause of death and disability from childhood disease in developed countries.  With treatment advances over the last 25 years, survival rates have improved dramatically.  However, survival is often achieved at considerable cost.  Cranial radiation is frequently required for effective tumor control, and associated with significant neuro-toxicity, including white matter damage and cognitive morbidity.  In order to achieve the best possible outcome for survivors and ultimately conquer the long-term consequences of this disease, new interventions must be developed to ameliorate the neuro-toxic effects experienced by children. This presentation provided an overview of an ongoing study of an exercise based neuro-rehabilitation program and preliminary findings were discussed.


Don Mabbott, Psychologist, PhD
University of Toronto, ON
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

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