An Overview of Behavioural/Psychosocial Aspects of Transplant

Presentation Description:  When a child has to undergo a SCT, the entire family is involved.  The way parents deal with the stressors surrounding SCT has a direct influence on the child’s coping and emotional well being.  If risk factors for a difficult adaptation can be identified early in the trajectory, families can be counseled more efficiently.  This presentation dealt with the emotional impact of SCT before, during and afterwards (including the long term of 5 and 10 years after SCT) on parents and patients, methods to assess emotional reactions in parents and patients and the identified risk and protective factors.  Additionally, several fragments of a DVD that was made to better prepare parents to the SCT period were shown.  The DVD involved a group session of four couples of parents whose children have undergone SCT, talking about issues they have or had before, during and after their child’s SCT.


Jantien Vrijmoet-Wiersma, PhD
Pediatric Psychologist
Private Practice

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