2018 POGO Symposium on Childhood Cancer

The 2018 POGO Multi-Disciplinary Symposium on Childhood Cancer – Precision Medicine in Pediatric Oncology – examined clinical and scientific advances in precision medicine and explored how those advances are impacting the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children.

Over 250 delegates representing a variety of disciplines attended the conference.


Click on the session titles below to view presentations that POGO has permission to share. 


Precision Medicine in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic: From Feasibility to Clinical Impact
Katherine Janeway, MDMD, MMSc

Precision Medicine – A Paradigm Shift?
Ian F. Tannock, CM, MD, PhD, DSc
Uri Tabori, MD

Thinking Practically: Delivery of Care Considerations for New Agents
Karen Fung, MSW, RSW
Tara McKeown, RN MN NP-Paediatrics

Ethics and Consent in the Age of Precision Medicine – Forging a Path Forward
Steven Joffe, MD, MPH

Select Poster Presentations
Alexandra Zorzi, MD, FRCPC
Andrew Shuen, PhD Candidate, MD, FRCPC
Lauren Mulrooney
, Nursing Student (3rd year)
Valli Subasri, MSc candidate (Medical Biophysics)
Nicole Espinosa, BScH Candidate (Life Sciences)
Mohammad R. Alqudimat, PhD Student (Nursing)
Marta Wilejto, Assistant Professor Paediatric Hematology/Oncology
Sarah Naraine, Fourth Year Nursing Student
Ceilidh Eaton Russell, PhD
Jill Furzer, PhD candidate (health economics)

Targeted and Traditional Agents: Can We Reduce Side Effects Using Pharmacogenomic and Endogenous Biomarkers?
Richard B. Kim, MD, FRCPC

The Future of Immunotherapy, CAR-T and Beyond
Shannon L. Maude, MD, PhD


The Evolution of Clinical Trials in Canada
Rebecca Deyell, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Josh Silvertown, PhD, MBA, MSM
Patrick Sullivan

PROFYLE/KiCS: The ABCs of Precision Medicine in Canada
Alexandra Zorzi, MD
Anita Villani, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Andrea Cote, RN, BScN

CAR-T Cell Therapy in Ontario: Opportunities and Challenges
Joerg Krueger, MD
Stacey Marjerrison, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Colleen Callahan, RN, MSN, CRN

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