2017 POGO Symposium on Childhood Cancer

The 2017 POGO Multi-Disciplinary Symposium on Childhood Cancer – Cancer in Infancy: Tiny Patients, Huge Challenges  examined clinical and scientific advances in cancer in infancy and the associated physical, psychosocial and medical issues, as well as focus on relevant resources, tools and strategies for a multidisciplinary audience.

Over 230 delegates representing a variety of disciplines attended the conference.



Click on the session titles below to view presentations that POGO has permission to share. 

NOTE: The content of each presentation below captures the unedited information and opinions presented by the speakers. Please note that the information contained in the presentations was current at the time it was presented – there may be further information in subsequent literature. Listed speaker credentials were current at the time of presentation.


The Complex Nature of Neuroblastoma in Infancy
Rochelle Bagatell, MD

Developmental Outcomes for Infants with Cancer: Understudied and Underserved?
Melissa Alderfer, PhD

Retinoblastoma: An Eye to the Future
Furqan Shaikh, MD, MSc, FRCPC

BRIGHT IDEAS: An Evidence-Based Approach to Alleviate Distress in Caregivers of Children Recently Diagnosed with Cancer
Robert B. Noll, PhD

In Utero Surgery: Exploring New Dimensions for Infants
Jacob Langer, MD

Anti-Cancer Drug Pharmacology in Infants and Very Young Children
Clinton Stewart, PharmD

Rare Tumours of Infancy
Rajkumar Venkatramani, MD, MS, FAAP


The Art and Science of Keeping Infants with Cancer Well-Nourished
Laura Collins, RD
Debbie O’Connor, PhD, RD

Measuring, Managing and Mitigating Cancer and Treatment Pain in Infants
Anna Taddio, PhD
Jason Thomas Maynes, PhD, MD

Developmental and Psychosocial Aspects of Caring for Infants with Cancer
Melissa Alderfer, PhD
Vanessa Burgess, MScOT, OT Reg. (ONT)

A Fine Balance Infection Control in Infants
Michelle Science, MD, MSc
Dana Devine, PhD

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