2013 Pre-Symposium Seminar

The 2013 Pre-Symposium seminar focused on Innovation in Pediatric Oncology Nursing, and aimed to provide nurses with the latest information on innovations that are revolutionizing pediatric cancer in a number of areas, including: MIBG therapy, innovative outpatient chemotherapy, blood and marrow transplantation, and many others. Over 90 nurses and other health providers attended the day.


NOTE: The content of each presentation below captures the unedited information and opinions presented by the speakers. Please note that the information contained in the presentations was current at the time it was presented – there may be further information in subsequent literature. Listed speaker credentials were current at the time of presentation.

Oncology Nursing at the Heart of Health Care: Driving Change and Innovation
Lynn Kachuik, RN, BA, MS, CON(C), CHPCN(C)

131I- MIBG Therapy: Living in a Lead Lined World
Denise Mills, RN(EC) MN NP
Sharleen Sawicki, RN, BScN, CPHON

Spotlight on Solid Tumours
Hanna Tseitlin, RN (EC), MN, PNP

Demystifying Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Christine Armstrong, RN(EC), MScN
Sarah Courtney, RN (EC), MN, NP Pediatrics
Mary Jo De Courcy, RN, MScN, NP Pediatrics

Providing Research Results to Participants
Conrad Fernandez, MD, FRCPC

PTLD: A Primer
Angela Punnett, MD, FRCPC

Risk Stratification in Neuroblastoma
Denise Mills, RN(EC) MN NP

New & Now – Four Studies that are Changing the Landscape of Care
Continuous Quality Improvement in Pediatric Oncology – Utilizing Lean Methodology to Standardize Chemotherapy Administration Practices
Erin O’Shaughnessy, RN, MScN, CPHON
Martha Pinheiro-Maltez, RN, MScN

Rapid Hydration: Small Change with Big Gains
Julie Watson, MSN, RN(EC)

Feasibility, Acceptability and Effectiveness of a Sleep Hygiene and Relaxation Intervention to Improve Sleep and Fatigue for Children on Maintenance Chemotherapy for ALL
Sue Zupanec, MN, NP Pediatrics

Understanding Body Image, Sexuality, Dating, Friendships and Fertility in Adolescents with Cancer from an Adolescent and Parent Perspective
Lindsay Jibb, RN, MSc, PhD student

The Power of the Backpack
Eleanor Hendershot RN(EC), MN, BScN
Sandra Ross, BA, RN

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